The Signs as Interior Design Styles

Haven't you always wanted to know what your astrological sign is as an interior design style? No? Well, too bad, we did it anyway.

Aries (my #1 source for this post) describes Aries as being "pioneers" and "lacking in social tact." Congratulations: you're 1950s Early American.

1950s Early American is one of those design styles that is best left in the past. I don't actually know if there is anything redeemable from this style. Think: a lot of intentional dark paneling, eagles, illustrations of colonial women churning butter, mounted ceramic flags, and (this is not a drill) GLOSSY walls. This was a nightmare trend and probably something people jumped on post-war because they saw it in Reader's Digest...but I guess we'll never know.

I may have overreacted when I said there was nothing redeemable about this trend. This was a really killer time for Colonial furniture collectors. Plus, I've never met a spindle rocking chair I didn't like. Aries are described as also being "courageous, determined, confident, optimistic, and honest." Which, at its core, is extremely a good way. I'm sorry for what I said about Early American style, Aries, but you can't deny that it aligns in one way or another.

Cue nightmare inducing images:



Tauruses are stubborn, practical, and responsible - but also artistic, sensual, and tactile. Definitely Arts + Crafts. 

This. Is. A. Good. Look. It's functional and also stands the tests of time. People who truly swear by this style are very strict about cohesiveness, and I feel that really vibes with what Tauruses are all about. It allows for personal aesthetic variation despite some rather strict parameters - which kind of reminds me what "creative writing" was like in grade school. You can be creative, but just not creative to the point that your teacher thinks there's something wrong with you.

Essentially, the Arts + Crafts movement was a response to the over-the-top nature of Victorian era styling. Beautiful, simple, and intentional in its nature, Arts + Crafts homes are exceedingly harmonious. 

Cue pictures that make you breathe a sigh of relief:


Geminis like patterns and always seem like they're on the verge of a meltdown - which is basically how I'd describe anything Art Deco. This isn't a bad thing, though! Art Deco style is grand, elaborate, but also very formulaic. It is modern, but timeless, elegant, and kind of makes me anxious.

Geminis are described as having two separate sides of them. At one moment they can be sociable, fun, and enthusiastic, and at the very next they can be extremely serious, quiet, and restless. Art Deco falls alongside this dichotomy by experimenting with sultry lighting, lavish decor, and luxurious fabrics, but simultaneously maintaining a very stark and abrasive look.

Geminis are kind of scary, and Art Deco is kind of intimidating...see? Perfect match.



Hollywood Regency. This didn't require a lot of thought. My source says you guys are dramatic, moody, lovers of material things, and kind of gossipy sometimes. Enjoy your plush fainting chairs and ornate picture frames (I will say that tables in this style are pretty dope, though).

Think: "larger than life," which is probably how some people describe your emotional reactions...or so I've heard... Hollywood Regency is a hot mess in the BEST way. It's glitzy, it's glamorous, and has a lot of neoclassical, art deco, metallic, shiny, sparkly, shimmery accents.

Cancers are very family oriented and love hosting, socializing, and other activities that bring them closer to home. So why not show off that home with some really dramatic furniture to match that over-the-top story you're about to tell. 

Cue "Oooos and Ahhhs":


My source says that Leos don't mind spending money to show off their success, but they also won't waste time on useless projects (I wish I had that kind of self control). Cool.

Rustic Modern, it is! This is a very popular style and VERY good when done right. Rustic Modern is an evolved version of the rustic/DIY resurgence that happened about a decade ago. This style ties together reclaimed wood, industrial metals, along with clean lines, white linens, exposed lighting, and contrasting tones. Leo's are cheerful, adore expensive things, and love being admired, which is exactly what you'd expect from someone who has a house like the ones in the images below.

Congrats on the stump table and your entire life. 

Cue images that remind you of a $700 a night Airbnb in Colorado.


My source refers to Virgos as being reliable, responsible, stoic, and organized. 

Modern Minimalist. You are the people we all love to hate (we actually just want to be like you.) You meal prep on Sundays and actually manage to eat them throughout the week, rather than throw them out on Fridays because they're taking up room in your fridge like the REST OF US.


Virgos can be overly critical of themselves, place a huge emphasis on cleanliness, can often be overly practical, and have a methodical approach to life. I can't get over how perfect modern minimalist suits you guys. At one point, my source refers to Virgos as "one that prefers conservative, well-organized things and a lot of practicality in their everyday life." I. Am. Screaming.

I'm really proud of Virgos for staying true to themselves and being the most likely to pull of the minimalistic look we all took a stab at in early 2015 but couldn't maintain because we CAN'T ALL BE LIKE YOU. You all deserve medals.

Cue photos that make you feel like your home will never be clean enough:


Libras are all about balance, nature, symmetry, beauty, and art. 

Scandinavian Design.

Scandinavian design is very popular at the moment. This style pulls nature within four walls with neutrals, natural wood grains, cozy interiors, and simple accents. This style exudes homeyness alongside its simplicity. Scandinavian homes include warm textiles, natural hides, and plants to bring warmth to a space.

Libras have a dark side which involves self-pity, indecisiveness, an adoration of expensive material goods, and the tendency to hold grudges. A Libra will likely get very upset if you ask them to stop pretending that their one bedroom apartment in the middle of the city is actually a cabin in the woods. Cue grudge.

Also cue lovely Scandinavian interiors:


Scorpios are...Intimidating, much like Victorian Design. 

My source says "Scorpios don't need anyone telling them how good they are," which is exactly why people are still bugging out over Victorian houses. They're a lot at times, but still very good. 

The Industrial Revolution was one of the first times that capitalism hit America, and it hit REALLY HARD. Cheap goods were made easily accessible to all socio-economic classes. An empty or minimalist room was considered to be in poor taste, and people made it a point to decorate their homes with lavish decor, patterns, luxurious fabrics, and embellishments everywhere. 

Scorpios are known for their mysterious appearance, jealousy, passion, and leadership - AKA ROYALTY. Perfect for a Victorian-styled home.

Cue Masterpiece Theatre:


Hates convention, loves risk taking. Eclectic Style. 

My source describes Sagittarius women as "saucy dragons." It also says that Sagittarius's "arouse both respect and embarrassment in society"... what could you possibly be doing that would render such a reaction? Either way, I'm jealous of all you "saucy dragons" out there.

Eclectic style is great because it doesn't follow any rules, and honestly..why should it? Eclectic mixes and matches old and new. Pair a modern sofa with an old-school rug, a tufted chair, and a mid-century light fixture. It's organized chaos, but in the best way possible. Sagittariuses can often come off as tactless and impatient, however their desire to travel make them perfect for finding treasures and elements that fit perfectly into their eclectic home and lifestyle.

While Eclectic style doesn't follow a set of rules as many other styles do, it requires a fair amount of self control to avoid looking cluttered.  Sometimes having a conversation with a Sagittarius can leave you with that "what just happened" moment - this is a similar feeling one can often experience when being in an Eclectic style home. 

Cue Pinterest-heavy images:


Self-disciplined, realistic, independent, and secure: at least that's what my ex-Capricorn boyfriend used to say about himself

Midcentury Modern.

This style is smart, functional, simple, and SLEEK, much like you guys. Think: Mad Men! Midcentury Modern became popular after WWII as a way to push the country into a modern age through the use of aesthetics and design. My source indicates that Capricorns focus on the material world, but also have the ability to make the most out of what it offers them. Midcentury Modern design integrates nature to turn sleek, edgy shapes into functional forms. 

Capricorns can be condescending, but also are wonderful at their jobs (does a certain 1960s fictional creative director ring a bell?). 

Cue Don and Megan Draper's loft:


Aesthetic Movement, all the way.

Your heads are up in the clouds, as was this style. There was a lot of "art for art's sake" going on. Which reminds me of my Aquarius ex-boyfriend's various creative projects...

The best way to describe Aestheticism is "crazed." This movement involved a lot of decadent detailing, peacock feathers galore, contrasting hues, and attempting to turn every single surface into a canvas. The Aesthetic Movement pushed itself through with vengeance, forcing its creativity upon anything and everything. Art in the home represented who and what you were, and lacking it showed the same as well. 

Aquariuses are progressive, independent, original, but also, like any good artist, uncompromising and aloof.  The Aesthetic Movement similarly was a period of time that was aggressive and visionary at the same time. Simply put, it looks top KNOTCH, but whether or not people actually want it in their homes is up for debate.

Cue photos that should all belong in a museum:


You guys are chill. My source says you're relaxing to be around and grounded in intuition. You're probably a bunch of old soul fishies. 

French country.

This style is old-world inspired, warm, and inviting - like how you allegedly are. Pisces are wise, gentle, and intuitive. Much of the French Country style is made up of pieces handed down from generation to generation. It's elegant, cozy, refined, and centered. French Country masters the "shabby chic" style and has just enough detailing to complete a space, rather than overwhelm it.

My source indicates that Pisces has a "sing-songy nature" about them. Much like the French Country style, Pisces are nurturing, comforting, and traditional.

On the flip side, French Country can feel cramped, overdone, and dated. While the style itself has made its way into many homes decade after decade, its a hard style to get right without making it feel tired. Pisces seem to be described in a very similar way. Always nurturing and listening, cozy, and comforting, but tendency to get lost within their own dream-states.

Cue major coziness and the smell of baked goods:

- Keelin